H2 Blaster, TEXA

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Kategorie: Motorreinigungsgerät

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Restores the engine’s optimal performances


Discover H2 BLASTER

It increases engine efficiency, reduces consumptions and harmful emissions


All TEXA’s certified quality for a reliable and safe solution

H2 BLASTER is the innovative solution that introduces the advantages of an advanced technology and the reliability of the TEXA certified industrial production (IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC27001, TISAX e VDA 6.3.), completely “Made in Italy” on modern assembly lines, in the industry of endothermic engine
decarbonisation devices.


What are the benefits obtained after
a treatment with H2 BLASTER


Cabinet in acciaio
120x73x70 cm - 80kg


Valvola sicurezza
blocca fiamma certificata
e omologata


per prova visiva
di funzionamento


con sensori pressione
e controllo livelli


Ruote posteriori off road
e softwheel anteriori


Cella elettrolitica
inox 316L

Produzione gas
HHO 460 lt/h

Sensore pressione e temperatura cella

Sensore perdite idrogeno

Valvola limitatrice di pressione


Led multifunzione
ad alta visibilità con avviso sonoro


Emergency stop button


Display 10’’ Touch screen
industrial Android


VCI NOS inclusa
per controllo motore veicolo


restored initial power and better acceleration performances


more stable idle and reduced noisiness


fuel economy


reduction of harmful emissions


DPF, EGR and Turbo cleaning


cleaning of the internal engine parts without disassembling them